About Richard Blue

Richard Blue has over 40 years of experience providing career planning services and tools for individuals and human resources management and consulting for businesses.

He is the President of Life Empowerment, Inc. which has a presence on the internet as CareerOnlineTools.com. He has directed human resource, training, and career counseling activities for Polaroid Corporation, Tufts University, Lahey Clinic Foundation and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and as an independent consultant, since 1978.

He has taught Personal Effectiveness, Goal Setting and Human Resources for over 30 years in university continuing education programs. He taught at the University of California at San Diego, the University of California at Irvine, Harvard University, Columbia University and Northeastern University, Bentley College, Simmons College and Bryant College.

He has an undergraduate degree in liberal arts from Northeastern University and a graduate degree in counseling from Tufts University.
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